When I, Mariska Visser, turned 40 last summer (2023), I decided that the time had come to take the plunge and start my own business. The successful kids concept store Kidsbarn was for sale and I decided to take it over.

After a 17-year career at YoungCapital in recruitment, with final responsibility as Managing Director in recent years, this means learning a lot of new things and taking a leap of faith as an entrepreneur. I'm really looking forward to it!

I am also training to become an Interior Designer. I also want to use that experience for Kidsbarn next year to design the most beautiful children's rooms.

Why did I fall for Kidsbarn?


Scandinavia is number 1 in the field of designing sustainable and functional furniture, preferably produced in an environmentally friendly way from natural materials. The colors used radiate simplicity, tranquility and space. An important combination when it comes to children, a children's room should radiate tranquility. Safe, but also functional furniture and accessories with their playful characters are a must in today's children's rooms.

Kids barn

Kidsbarn has a great passion for these designs and appearance, especially aimed at children. And how nice is it to furnish a children's room with the most beautiful natural products that are also functional, which is not unimportant if you are a young parent!

We have put the best brands for you on our website and we continue to look for the best products for the youngest generation.