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Leo & Moon Rotan wieg
Leo & Moon Leo & Moon Rotan wieg
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Quax Matras Ergosafe voor Rocking wieg De Luxe
Quax Rocking Wieg De Luxe - Cream
Quax Rocking Wieg De Luxe - Sheep

Furniture for the nursery

Are you expecting and are you about to purchase a baby room? We have beautiful complete baby rooms from Quax in our range, consisting of a bed, changing table and cupboard. Would you rather just have a bed and chest of drawers or do you prefer a wardrobe from another furniture series? The furniture is also always available separately, so you can combine your own baby room! With the well-known furniture seriesHai No Ki from Quax you have a really great baby room, the furniture of which you can later place in the living room. But the Flow, Loft and Cocoon series are also a great basis for the baby's room. They are available in various colors and price ranges, so there is bound to be one that suits you!

Would you rather go for a separate crib? The fantastic Kili beds from Sebra are highly recommended! Thanks to their timeless looks and the ability to convert the crib into a grow-along bed, you can enjoy the beautiful baby bed for years to come!

But your little one will also have to have a place in the living room, so that you have your hands free for other things. A playpen is perfect for this, with a nice playpen mat and toys, your child will be himself
great fun! We also have these in our range from Quax and are available in various series, such as Nordic, Cubic, Romain or Kumo and can be ordered in various colors.

Would you like a nice chair for the nursery where you can cuddle with your little one or feed quietly at night? Then the rocking chairs from Quax are perfect! The Rocking Adult De Luxe chairs are really a treat for yourself and you can rock in them with your little one! Do you already see yourself sitting comfortably?

Has your child grown out of the crib or ready for their own place in their room? In2Wood 's furniture is suitable for slightly older children, from single beds to desks and play tables. And they are available in natural wood, combined with a color accent, so they are timeless and can last for years to come, ideal!