Hoe kleed ik mijn baby buiten warm aan in de winter?
Big outside world, here we come!

Winter has officially started and that means it's getting colder outside and the heating is being turned up a little inside.
You will feel better after the birth, your baby is growing well and is already maintaining a good temperature. It's nice to breathe in some fresh air and stimulate the production of vitamin D. In short: you can't wait to show your little one to the outside world and test out that beautiful stroller. Bring it on!

But as a new mother you obviously have no idea what to wear for your baby to go outside. No problem! Below you will find some tips to ensure that your baby does not get too cold or too hot.

  • A hat! Did you know that your baby loses a quarter of its heat through its head? A nice warm hat on that little head is definitely a must outside!
  • Warm clothes: Dress your little one nice and warm, for example a nice warm sweater with slightly thicker pants. Exaggerating is also a skill and not necessary at all, do not dress your baby with 5 layers on top of each other. There is a good chance that he will get way too hot.
    Put a nice warm jacket on top of the clothes and the foundation has been laid!
  • Warm blanket or footmuff: Putting your little one in the stroller with a nice soft blanket or a lovely footmuff is also very nice!
  • Hot water bottle: If it is very cold outside and your baby is still very small, it is also nice to put a lovely warm hot water bottle (or an alternative) in the stroller.

Ready to go outside? Do not forget to raise the hood of the stroller and ensure that no cold wind can enter the stroller.

How do you know if your little one is not too hot or too cold?

It is important to think logically and check your baby regularly. Regularly feel the hands, ears and face to make sure they are not too cold. A warm neck often indicates that your little one is warm enough. If your baby is sweating, you know he is wrapped a little too well.

Are you getting back into the car after a lovely winter walk? Then open the jacket a little, otherwise he may get too warm.


Did you know that in Scandinavia children are often put outside in the stroller to sleep? We see this more and more often here, as the air outside is often healthier than inside. Make sure that your child is old and stable enough to keep himself warm, you can do this from about 2 weeks old. And also take the temperature outside into account; at temperatures below -10 degrees it is better to let your child sleep indoors.

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