Feestdagen stress (a.k.a. cadeaustress)

Sinterklaas and Christmas are just around the corner! That means lots of fun with family and regularly watching a Disney movie on the couch with hot chocolate (in my case :)). Of course it is very pleasant to have a gourmet meal with the family, to have a barbecue or to sit at that delicious buffet. But there is always something that requires a lot of preparation and can cause quite a bit of stress when the good saint is back in the country or when Santa Claus is already on his way with his sleigh: gifts! Lots of gifts! Because what should you buy for your nephew, your niece, the girl next door and not to forget your own children!
Fortunately, we have listed the best gift tips for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Check out the gift lists below and who knows, you might have wonderfully relaxing holidays this year! Enjoy!

Saint Nicholas and Christmas tips:
Gift tips 0-1 years
Gift tips 2-3 years
Gift tips for 4-6 years

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