Scandinavische Jongenskamer

Are you looking for inspiration to create a cool boy's room in Scandinavian style? Then you can certainly get useful tips from this!

A Scandinavian room is characterized by light colors and the use of natural and high-quality materials. It has a calm appearance, something that is often very desirable in a children's room!

Use of color

White colors, often combined with wood, go a long way. But this can quickly seem too boring for a cool boy's room.

In addition, the use of color in a baby room and children's room can differ considerably. You can often use lighter colors for a baby room, such as beautiful gray tones, light green or light blue pastel tones. But for the slightly older boys, it is very nice to combine the Scandinavian style with a touch of industrial style! Think of cool dark blue colors or dark green, combined with black.


Complete the room with beautiful accessories in white or wood and the following also applies: less is more! Wall shelves are ideal for this, as are cool wall stickers or beautiful toys that you can use as an eye-catcher in the room.

Scandinavian boy's roomScandinavian boy's roomScandinavian boy's room

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