CamCam Baby Nest Dandelion Petrol

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What a beautiful baby nest in the Dandelion design from Cam Cam Copenhagen! Sleeping together in bed, so your newborn baby can hear your heartbeat and feel safe with you. Place it conveniently in the playpen or on the couch, so your baby always has his safe place.

The baby nest has a soft foam mattress surrounded by a soft, stringable rim. This allows the baby's nest to adapt to the size of your little one. It is made of soft organic cotton and is free of any harmful substances or materials. In addition, the baby nest is air permeable and meets all the strict requirements for these products.

Age: 0-6 months
Colour: blue
Dimensions: 75x30x14cm (inside) and 88x47x14cm (outside)
Material: 100% organic cotton (fabric), 100% Oeko Tex standard polyester (padding), 100% polyurethane foam.

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