Waarom is Scandinavisch houten speelgoed zo populair?
Anyone who has ever been to Scandinavia will agree: Scandinavian design is everywhere! But why has it become so popular worldwide?
In Scandinavia, a few principles are very important in their designs: functionality, sustainable materials, calm colors, minimalist design and not to forget: a unique design. Less is more can therefore be perfectly applied to Scandinavian design.
These principles are not only reflected in the interior, but also in the (wooden) toys and in care products for children, for example. You will mainly see that these products are made of high-quality and durable materials. We are becoming very aware of the products we give to our children and what these products do to our environment and our health. Wooden toys stimulate your child's development in a creative way. There are often no bells and whistles to entertain your child, your child does his own research and imagines his own story while playing, how fun is that!
But the unique, distinctive Scandinavian design also ensures that the toys can be seen again, also in the living room. The often simple, timeless design and durable materials ensure that the toys will last for years and can be passed on from generation to generation. Because how nice would it be to see your children or grandchildren playing with your wooden blocks from the past?

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