Scandinavisch design voor kinderen
Neutral, light colours, natural materials, quality and a timeless, sleek design form the basis for a Scandinavian interior. This style is currently very popular, not only because it radiates peace and warmth, but also because it is easy to combine with other living styles. Consider, for example, the industrial style, where the use of natural materials such as wood and concrete is also an important feature.
Not only do you see the Scandinavian style in living rooms, but it is also becoming increasingly popular in baby and children's rooms. Children already receive a lot of stimuli from outside, so a quiet children's room is becoming increasingly important. The Scandinavian style fits in well with this, the high-quality furniture with often a practical slant is therefore suitable for any baby or children's room. The fun and often original accessories also fit into any room and can be easily combined with other brands.
With brands such as Sebra, Kid's Concept and Kukuu, Kidsbarn has selected the most beautiful furniture and accessories from Scandinavia for you to create the most stylish and playful children's rooms, for yourself and for your child.

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