Magna-Tiles Magnetisch speelgoed

Magnetic toys are all the rage! But why are these toys so extremely popular?

The history of magnets

Let's go back in time: the first art magnet was developed in the 18th century and 'we' discovered that we can do some pretty fun things with it! The first toys with magnets were developed in the 20th century; I think we all remember the magnetic drawing boards of the past, they are still very popular today!

Magnetic toys

There are now very fun and educational magnetic toys available! Consider, for example, the nice magnetibooks from Janod, magnetic letters or numbers that you can 'stick' on a board, or wooden toys that you can put together and take apart again with magnets, such as the Play World series by Micki .
But what you really couldn't ignore this year are the magnetic tiles! Magnetic tiles are brightly colored plastic tiles that you can attach to each other with magnets. You can make the nicest buildings, flat or three-dimensional!

Janod Magnetibook

The popularity of Magna-Tiles

The popularity of magnetic toys, such as Magna-Tiles , is also due to the educational aspect. The tiles contribute to STEM learning. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It helps children develop their knowledge of science, technology and mathematics in a playful way. Research, discovery and design are central and it is also called learning the future.

The magnetic tiles also stimulate children's cognitive development, because they learn to be patient while they are building and they have to think critically about how they are going to put their construction together.
It's great that they also stimulate their creativity and have to use their imagination. The beautiful colors of the tiles also have a purpose. Besides the fact that children quickly become acquainted with all the colors, they can also see more easily which colors are created when the colors are combined and when the light shines through they give a beautiful effect!

Many parents are very enthusiastic about the toys and the children can play with them for hours! A justified toy hit of today!

Which magnetic tiles are available?

The most well-known brands in the Netherlands are probably Coblo, Connetix Tiles and Magna-Tiles.

Each brand has its own colors and composite sets, sometimes in fun themes, such as the forest animal set from Magna-Tiles. The nice thing about this is that you can expand the sets and also give them or ask for them as a nice gift.

Magna-Tiles magnetic toys