5x Het mooiste behang voor een neutrale kinderkamer

Are you expecting and is the gender of your little one still a surprise? Or maybe you don't like bold colors in a children's room? Enough reasons to be a fan of a neutral baby or children's room! And the nice thing is: you can go in any direction with it! If the base is neutral, you can decorate the room with accessories and, for example, beautiful posters.
We have listed the 5 most beautiful neutral children's wallpapers for you:

Little Amour – Dreamy Toys

Go on an adventure in the hot air balloon between the clouds and float through the enchanting forest in search of the most beautiful toys! This beautiful wallpaper from Little Amour creates a magical atmosphere in the nursery! Dreamy Toys is available in two colours: green and brown , both provide a beautiful base for a neutral children's room.

Little Amour Neutral children's wallpaper dreamy toys

Little Amour – Fishy Waves

Look how the fish swim between the waves and the beautiful coral with the shells! This beautiful fish wallpaper from Little Amour is available in 3 light colors: gray , brown and blue . All three have a light background and the colors are subtle, perfect for a neutral room!

Little Amour neutral children's wallpaper Fishy Waves

Decornik – Checkered

Checks have made a comeback and are highly recommended as the basis for a neutral room. The diamonds are approximately 12x12cm in size and fit perfectly on a larger wall. The wallpaper is available in 3 neutral colors: cinnamon , ivory and white .

Dekornik neutral children's wallpaper checked cinnamon

Decornik - Magic of the Ocean Vintage

The underwater world remains a fascinating and relaxing world! In this beautiful version of Dekornik, jellyfish, fish and seaweed swim calmly and peacefully on the wall. With its beautiful vintage look, this is a perfect neutral basis for the baby and children's room!

Dekornik neutral children's room wallpaper ocean vintage

Decornik – Animals White

Animals always do well in a children's room. This beautiful forest animal version from Dekornik has a white background, so it fits perfectly with the white walls in the room or light furniture.

Dekornik neutral children's room wallpaper forest animals